Pilgrim w Grey Malkin, digital / 2xCD,& remixes by various artists, Cursed Monk / Deer Trail Records, 2018

Redemption w/ No One, Digital / CD, Consouling Sounds, 2018

Ciuthach, Digital / limited 3’ CD, Reverb Worship, 2018

Pilgrim w/ Grey Malkin, Digital / limited CD, Reverb Worship, 2018

Morana, Digital / CD Ltd., Unexplained Sounds Group, 2017

DoublePlusUngood, 2xLP, feature movie soundtrack, WeMe Records, 2016

Shrine, Digital w/ Ruairi O`Baoighill, live at Radiant Art Festival, November 2016

Threnody IV, Digital / CD, Deer Trail Records, 2015

Angels guide the Way to our Harbor-remix, Digital, various artists 2014

Angels guide the Way to our Harbor, split LP w/ TCH 2012 Ltd. 2014

Credo Mutwa, Digital w/ Kasjanova 2012

Itobia, single sided LP Pelican Avenue 2011

Created by Oscar Smith