Ashtoreth was formed in Antwerp, Belgium during Winter of 2010. After a first performance at the Entree > Exit exhibition Ashtoreth was offered a collaboration with underground fashion label Pelican Avenue who dedicated a new collection of clothing to Ashtoreth’s music. This was presented at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2011 and resulted in a singlesided LP by the name of 'Itobia', recorded live during the performance, and was released in October 2011 by Pelican Avenue, limited to 300 copies.

Pelican Avenue

After touring Europe and the UK with TCH (Tim C. Holehouse), the collaborative 'Angels guide the way to our Harbor' LP was released in 2014 by Deer Trail records / Dislocation Deity Records, which was soon followed by a remix album by various artists such as The Hare and The Moon, Traumasutra, raxil4,…
Next to playing live Ashtoreth provides remixes for befriended artists such as The Hare and the Moon, Grimssons, Trysth, Emptiness, Grown Below and does sound works for movies and documentaries.

In 2015 Ashtoreth played at the 20th anniversary edition of Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, the Netherlands In august 2015 Ashtoreth joins experimental doomsters Emptiness from Brussels, Belgium and together they record Not for Music. An album released by Season of Mist and produced by Jeordi White (Marilyn Manson, Perfect Circle, NIN) and Sean Beavan (NIN, Slayer, Guns n` Roses,...) After which provides a long and brooding track to the Doubleplusungood soundtrack to the D. Cassandra feature film by Marco Laguna, released on Weme Records, December 2016 and releases Morana a digital album and limited CD on Unexplained Sounds Group, February 2017.

Ashtoreth plays at DUNK! festival, may 2017 Ashtoreth has shared stages with contemporaries such as Oranssi Pazuzu, Wreckmeister Harmonies, thisquietarmy, Uzala, Sabbath Assembly, Von Magnet, Mongolito, Avgrunden, Syndrome, Graves at Sea, Petrels, Matthew Collings, N, CJ Boyd, Above the Tree, TCH, Saffronkeira, Samothrace, IIVII, Emptiness, Hypothermia amongst others.